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Check-In Information

Please review the following check-in information, fill out the applicable fields, and submit by pressing the Confirm button. Fields with an asterick (*) are required.

1. How will you be traveling to Provincetown?

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2. Your reservation begins at 3pm on your arrival day.  What do you anticipate will be your earliest time of arrival? (If you will be arriving earlier than 3pm please call us at 508-487-0085 for your pre-arrival instructions - do not use this form).

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3. If your room includes parking (check your confirmation email if you are unsure), please provide us with the make, model, and color of your vehicle.

Park in first 5 spaces closest to street only.  They will say “Guest House Parking” (the other lot spaces belong to the condo owners behind Charm).

If your reservation includes parking but you will not need your spot, just type "not needed" in any of these spaces.

4.  The front porch door is locked when our manager is off-property and after 5pm. To get in, you will need to enter the code: 2023

5.​ Our Continental Breakfast is served on the front porch from 8:30am until 10am.

6.Your room will be ready for you starting at 3pm. The door will be unlocked and the room key will be on the bed. 

7. We communicate via text and e-mails with important pre-arrival information the day of your check-in and during your stay. Please confirm your text and e-mail information:

Please confirm that you understand this information by entering the first and last name you made the reservation under, and then pressing "Confirm".  Call us at 508-487-0085 between 10am - 4pm if you have any questions!

Thanks for doing your pre-arrival check-in. We will follow up with an email with this information for your convenience. See you soon!

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